Create different programmes and link them to corporate sponsors and the implementation partners who will execute the programme.

Programme groups

Divide programmes into smaller groups to address different criteria, making sourcing simpler. Typical requirements include:

  • Race
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location

Youth applicants

Source youth from integrated application portals, manage your applicant pool proactively and link to Programme Groups. Verify youth as:

  • Screened
  • Tests passed
  • Interviews passed

Host organisations

Manage host organisations and their teams who will be supervising youth in their programme. Keep track of contact people, host company information and company documents. Build up your database of hosts and maintain their information easily.

Workplace opportunities

Create job opportunities linked to available host organisations. Specify locations, supervisors, job title and description, as well as capacity – this enables easy indication of vacancies when you have to place your next youth.

Onboarding youth

Onboard vetted youth by awarding them with a sponsorship and easily track who has completed the onboarding process and replace those that don’t show up.


Place sponsored youth with approved host organisations. Use the information linked to Youths’ profiles and that linked to job opportunities to ensure a good match!

Sponsored youth

Manage sponsored youth.

  • Track youth progress
  • Track youth leave
  • Track sponsorship terminations
  • Replace youth

Coming soon! Youth and host communication

Automated communicating with supervisors and youth via USSD, whatsapp and email.

  • Youth feedback
  • Supervisor feedback

Document management

Link cloud stored documents to individual sponsorships to enable easy management and structure. Verify document links and make your next verification a breeze!

  • Programme documents
  • Host documents
  • Youth documents

Live dashboards

See programme progress overview and actionable metrics.

  • Implementation partner view
  • Corporate sponsor view
  • YES uploader

Conversations, assign tasks and email notifications

Converse with your team on specific tasks and assign colleagues where help is needed. Stay up to date via email updates.

Team and permission management

Add and remove team members and taylor software permissions to each based on their roles and responsibilities.