Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are the answers to some of the questions that people often ask us. We hope you find it helpful.

What does Timu mean?

Timu means team in Swahili. We solidly believe in collaboration between people and that together we are stronger! Timu aims to remove the barriers that keep people from collaborating.

Our choice of name also shows that we know that the problems in limited resourced communities are too big to solve on our own and that impact orientated companies and individuals need to take hands to change things for the better! If you run a business, have an idea, or just have a lot of passion and think that joining forces with Timu will help – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What is the number one rule when using Timu?

COMMUNICATION!!! Any relationship that is built on trust starts with good communication. If you communicate your intentions well and stick to your word, there is no reason for someone not to trust you!

What are Trust Points?

Trust Points are rewards that you earn by playing the Timu game right!

You can earn trust points by providing information about yourself that prove that you are a real person, what you are capable of, what qualifications you have, etc – so that Opportunity Creators know whether or not they want to work with you or not. Also, you can earn trust points by acting in a trustworthy/predictable way and respecting the time of others – communicate quickly and truthfully when you receive an invitation by accepting or declining – cancel early if you cannot do something anymore – provide feedback about the person that you’ve worked with to help next people see that they are trustworthy 🙂 These are some of the things that will help you to boost your trust points!

Can I find people on Timu?

Yes! Included in your free 1 active agreement, or your subscription is the access to all the active Opportunity Seekers on our platform! All you need to do to get in contact with them is to define the opportunity and invite someone – if they indicate that they want to work with you by accepting the invitation, we will connect you!

Is Timu a recruitment agency or a labour broker?

No! We are neither a recruiting company, nor are we a labour broker.

What makes us different? The short answer is that we don’t choose who you should work with – we provide you with the necessary information and you choose for yourself. We are the communication platform that helps you manage the relationship and expectations.

Timu enables you to get in touch with people in limited resourced communities in a structured way and see enough information to choose who to work with. We do not make the decision for you. We believe that technology can connect people without us playing the middle man 🙂

Why am I not able to create an Opportunity?

There are only 2 types of users that are allowed to create opportunities:

  1. Any activated individual can create opportunities and work with up 1 Opportunity Seeker at any time – to activate your profile you have to have done at least the following:
    1. provide your NAME and SURNAME
    2. provide your MOBILE NUMBER
    3. verify your MOBILE NUMBER
    4. provide your ID NUMBER
    5. verify your ID NUMBER
    6. provide your LOCATION
    7. provide your DATE OF BIRTH
    8. upload a PROFILE PICTURE
  2. Any activated individual or company that is a paying subscriber of Timu. Based on the package that you are paying for, you will be able to work with and manage many more people at any point in time. To get this option:
    1. Go to our Home Page and click on Sign Up Organisation and fill in the subscription form.


If you are not able to get active or you’ve tried to fill in the subscription with no success, please mail your problem to for support!

What is an Opportunity?

On Timu, an Opportunity is exactly that – an opportunity for someone to do something!

An opportunity can be literally anything, as long as people are part of the equation!

Do have place for someone to… clean something? Build something? Paint something? Do your taxes? Work for your company full time? – All opportunities!

Do you have a chance for someone to… study full time? Get part time training for a day/week/month/year? Get a one hour training or information session? – All opportunities!

We could go on, but we think you get the point – anything can be an opportunity that fits on Timu 🙂

What is an Agreement?

A Timu agreement can be described as an electronic contract between 2 people. The agreement is always between 2 individuals, or between a company and an individual.

The agreement stipulates what was agreed on – for example: an agreement for training would have a description of the training, a time and place to show up, the time and date when it ends, etc.

An agreement is created the moment when an Opportunity Seeker is invited to an opportunity.

What is an Expectation?

In short, an expectation is anything that will be expected from one of the parties in the agreement (that is, from the Opportunity Creator or Opportunity Seeker). On Timu we have defined these expectations as any Show Up, Task or Payment that was added to the agreement template.

NOTE: for now Tasks and  Payment are still in beta, so when working with these expectations some features might feel lacking. However, Show Ups work great and that is the first building block of trust!

What does it mean to Invite someone?

When I invite someone to an opportunity, I am showing my commitment to collaborate with them! The invite is the instantiation of the promise that I have made and the content of my promise can be seen in the content of the agreement.

Another way to describe what an invite is, is to say that you have invited someone to sign a small contract (agreement) that you have created.

The person that you have invited can respond to your invitation by accepting or declining the agreement, which will show you whether they are willing to promise to do what is in the agreement or not.

What is the Marketspace?

The  marketspace is a map-based interface showing some of the active users and opportunities in a certain area.

NOTE: the marketspace will only show people who have been completely verified, have active contact details, and have been active on Timu in a recent time frame. It will also only show public opportunities. So if you don’t see anything in your area, you can get in touch with us to hear if there are some people or activity in your area that you can get involved with 🙂

What is the Leaderboard?

The leaderboard is the interface where we show who are those individuals that actively use Timu in a trustworthy way. The most active person who play by the rules will be on top!

Can possible employers find me on Timu?

YES! But only if your profile has been activated… To get your profile activated you need to have done the following:

  1. add your name and surname
  2. add a profile picture
  3. add a mobile number
  4. verify your mobile number
  5. add your date of birth
  6. add your ID number
  7. verify your ID number
  8. add your location

Once you have done this, your name can come up in searches!

To improve your chances to be found for things that you will be interested in, add all the information that you can! This includes skills, qualifications, languages, availability, biography, etc.

When will I get invited to an opportunity?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee when you will be invited to an opportunity, since that will be determined by whether or not someone wants to work with you.

What we can say is that people with good looking profiles have a better chance of being chosen, so make sure to fill in as much information as possible on your profile, add a nice profile picture of you smiling and verify your ID and mobile number!

If you’ve done that, all you need to do is to hang tight – we are working VERY hard to get more opportunities for your area!

Will Timu ever share my personal information?

We will NEVER share your information without your consent.

The Timu terms and conditions stipulate that your ID number and address will never be disclosed, only that we have verified your ID and the area where you live.

The terms and conditions does, however allow us to share your contact details under the strict prerequisite that you have given clear intent to work with a specific person or company by accepting the invitation to an agreement that has been sent to you.

Why is Timu asking for my personal information such as ID, address, mobile number etc?

Personal information is collected for two reasons:

  1. For safety – we verify each person’s identity before adding them to our list of activated users that will appear when opportunity creators filter on our platform
  2. For efficiency – we have to know that you have a working mobile number so that we can reach you when we have an opportunity for you and we have to know in which area you live, so that we don’t invite you to opportunities that are too far from you.
Why is Timu asking for information regarding my skills and qualifications?

When Opportunity Creators look for people that they want to invite to an agreement, they want to know what that person is capable of. An easy way to share this with them is by showing them what skills and qualifications a person has, thus all skills and qualifications that you list on your profile will be on your public profile for possible employers to see 😀

What qualifies as an Achievement?

We like to say that your highest achievement is the thing that you are most proud of. This definitely does not have to be something academic or work related, but should rather be something that helps people better understand you and what type of person you are and what you care about. This can be something like “I was the soccer captain for our school’s team”, “I organised my grandmother’s 80th birthday party”, or you can say something about schools like “I got a distinction in math in grade 12” – whatever you are proud of! Don’t be shy!

What does it mean when I receive a message saying that I have been invited to a Timu opportunity?

Congratulations! Someone has chosen to work with you!

The invitation is a request to get in touch with you – read the information in the link or run the free USSD code to see the tasks. If you want to do this opportunity, then respond by ACCEPTING. If not, no worries, just DECLINE.

Remember that you have to reply, no matter what your decision. Timu is all about clear communication and trust! If you accept, remember that you have now made a promise to someone to be there and you need to keep your promise!

What should I do if I can’t make it to the opportunity anymore?

If you have already accepted the agreement invitation and you don’t want to or cannot make it anymore – all you need to do is to cancel! Run the USSD code, or go to the link on the invite SMS and choose cancel. This way you are letting the other person know that you cannot make it anymore, thus you are communicating clearly and building trust.

REMEMBER: if you cancel less than 2 hours before the start time you will be penalised for a late cancellation! It is bad etiquette to only let a person know that you are not coming anymore when they are already waiting for you. However, we understand that life happens, so this only affects trust points, it does not put a fail on your profile.

I still want to be part of the opportunity, but I have to miss the next day. What should I do?

If you don’t want to cancel the entire opportunity, but only one or more of the expectations inside the opportunity, you can – NOTE: you can only do this after accepting the agreement.

How you can do this:

  1. Run the USSD code (*134*38845#), choose the opportunity, select show tasks, navigate to the applicable task, select cancel
  2. Go to the opportunity on your profile on the website (or follow the link in the invite SMS) and go to all expectations, find the expectation that you want to cancel and then mark it as cancelled.
I’ve signed up on the website for a specific package, what now?

Just hang tight! We’ve received your entry and we’re working on it! The next steps will be:

  1. We’ll reach out to you regarding your first payment
  2. As soon as we’ve received your first payment we will create and activate your profile and get you started!
  3. If necessary, we will provide training to get you on your way!

If you’ve done your part and we haven’t reached out to you, please mail us on so that we can get to the bottom of what is going on! 🙂

Is discount or free trial a possibility?

We totally understand that at a certain scale things are difficult to motivate without proof! We are all trying to create lasting impact together, so if money is a problem, we would like to help you make a plan!

How can you do this? Fill out the subscription on our website (sign up as an organisation) and when we get in touch, please tell us that you would like to talk about discount options – this way we have your contact details and you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions, so we can get started ASAP!

Great, I have an activated profile for myself or my business/company, how do I get started?

To create your first opportunity and invite Opportunity Seekers, just go to your menu (click on your profile pic/logo at the top right) and go to Opportunities.

Click Create.

Fill in the applicable details and create the opportunity.

Find the Opportunity Seekers you want to work with.

Invite them and monitor the status of the agreement to see who is committing to work with you!


So I have created my first opportunity, but I don’t know what to do next?

Now that you have your template ready, you can go to the Find Seekers tab and find the Opportunity Seekers that you want to work with.

Select the people you want to invite and click on Invite! As easy as that!

NOTE: there is only a commitment towards any person when you actually invite them. If you just filter Seekers, but don’t complete the invitation action, they won’t receive any notification.

I have filtered Opportunity Seekers and I know who I want to work with, but I don’t know how to get them to come.

That’s easy! Just select your chosen people and click on Invite! That will send them a notification that they have been invited to an agreement.

You can monitor the status of the agreement on the Agreements tab to see whether they accept the invitation or not – this enables you to decide if you want to invite other people or not.

I’ve invited the people that I want to have at my opportunity, how do I know if they will be coming?

Easy! Go to the Agreements tab when you open the opportunity and look at the status of each agreement to see if that person has accepted/declined/canceled the agreement.

What does the agreement status mean?

The agreement statuses can be described as follows:

  1. Invited – the person has been sent an invitation, but hasn’t responded yet
  2. Accepted – the person received your invitation and has promised to complete the expectations in your agreement
  3. Declined – the person has received your invitation and has declined (he/she is not interested in this opportunity). You can just invite someone else to replace them.
  4. Executing – an agreement that has been accepted will go into executing at the start time of the agreement, or if it was started early by either party.
  5. Confirmed – the Opportunity Seeker has stated that he/she has completed all expectations.
  6. Completed – the Opportunity Creator has stated that this agreement has been completed/ended.
  7. Cancelled – either one of the 2 parties (Creator or Seeker) has cancelled the agreement.
  8. Failed – either one of the 2 parties (Creator or Seeker) has cancelled the agreement too late (Creator: less than 24 hours before start time, Seekers: less than 2 hours before start time).
The people aren’t showing up, what can I do?

If someone accepted your agreement, but doesn’t show up we would suggest first calling them (especially if you have never worked together before), since they might just be getting lost. You can find the Opportunity Seeker’s mobile number on the agreement after he/she has accepted.

If you cannot reach them or they did not pitch after what you regard as enough time, you should fail the show-up expectation that they have missed. The point of this is to show that there are repercussions to one’s actions and that if you break a promise, someone loses trust in you. This fail will also show on the person’s profile.

If the agreement runs over a longer time and you don’t want to wok with this person anymore, you can cancel the agreement and invite someone else in his/her place.

How do I get in touch with Opportunity Seekers to make sure that they don’t get lost or that they can find me in a crowded place?

Once an Opportunity Seeker accepts your invitation he/she is showing clear intent to work with you. This enables us to share contact details between you in order to improve direct communication. You can find the person’s contact details on the agreement that he/she accepted.

He/she can also get your details using the free USSD line, so don’t ignore calls from new numbers!

How do I know who intends to come?

Easy! Just have a look at your agreements tab on the opportunity. If the status is accepted or  executing, they have made the promise to be there!

My opportunity is over and the end time is way past, why does the agreement or opportunity still have an active status?

As the communication platform we cannot say when an agreement has been completed – this authority lies with you as the Opportunity Creator, thus it won’t happen automatically.

To change this just open the opportunity in question, go to the agreements tab, click on select all and click on complete. Viola!

Is it really necessary for me to search for every person again when I create a new class for the same people?

Absolutely not!

If you have worked with a certain group of people before you can go to the last opportunity where they were in and on the agreement template tab you can select copy. Then select the Seekers option and copy! You will now be able to edit the information for the new opportunity and create it. If you go to the Find Seekers tab next, you’ll find your list of people already waiting for you! Select those that you want to invite and click on Invite!

Can I make groups of people?

The easiest way to do this (for now) is to add all the people you want in your group to their first opportunity manually and invite them. From the next time you want to invite that group, you can just copy this opportunity and select the Copy Seekers option.

How do I add new/extra people to an opportunity?

Go to the Find Seekers tab for the opportunity in question.

If you already have a list of people in this list, be sure to firstly invite those people in this list that you want to invite (you will see INVITED underneath their names if you’ve already done this). Once you have invited those people you wanted from this list, you are safe to clear the suggestion list. Now you will be able to add more people by either searching for them by name, or by generating suggestions.

Clear list – what happens when I click this?

When you click on clear list, you will lose all the suggestions in this specific filtered list.

All people that have been invited will have agreements on the Agreements tab and they will be marked as INVITED in the list. To filter/find more people, be sure to first invite from the list before clearing the list.

What does the % match mean under the names of people that I’ve filtered?

If you have added filters to find people by choosing Generate Suggestions we will provide you with a list of people as best we can – the percentage displayed indicates how many of your criteria they satisfy. For instance, if you have added 5 different filter criteria and a person satisfies only 4, it will display 80%. To see which criteria a person matches, simply go to their profile by clicking on their name and see all the information you will need.

Remember that this list is only a suggestion and the final choice to invite someone lies with you.

How can I know if this is the right person before I send out an invite?

Before inviting someone, we strongly suggest that you look at his/her profile and decide if this is the right person to work with. You can just click on the person’s name to navigate to his/her profile.